10 Tips To Improve Your English

Private schools in Canada teach in English, which is also a subject for study. Native English speakers would not have problems doing well in English at school. However, students from other countries who do not speak English at home are likely to face problems. Studying English and doing well in the exam is very important for high school students. If you are a student facing difficulties in English, then our blog will help you. Here, you can find ten tips to help you improve your English and do well at school.

English learning tips

1) Practice all the four core skills of language. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening needs to be practiced to do well in English. Since foreign students may not speak English at home, they need to spend more time communicating in English with others. They can do it with teachers or students at private schools in Canada where they study.

2) Practicing every day is important. There is no rest day for a learner. Every day you must practice English either by writing and reading or by speaking and listening. Regular practice is the best way to improve English.

3) Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The best way to learn anything is by making mistakes. When you make new mistakes, you can learn from them do you don’t repeat. Don’t feel shy to practice your English skills. Don’t worry if you make mistakes. The English teachers at private schools in Canada are there to help you identify and rectify your mistakes.

4) Keep a notebook where you can write down new words you learnt. Similarly, words you don’t understand can be written down so you can find the meaning later. Remember that writing makes you learn a subject easily.

5) Read a lot to improve your English. Do not restrict yourself to school books. Read books, comics, stories, newspapers, and magazines. The more you read, the more you learn.

6) Take tests to find out how well you have understood the subject. Private schools in Canada would conduct regular tests as a part of classwork. Take additional tests that you find online. The more tests you attempt, the greater is your confidence.

7) If you find it difficult to understand something, get help. Don’t be shy of getting help. Your teachers, as well as fellow students, will be happy to help you. Never suppress your doubts, get them clarified immediately.

8) For foreign language speakers, it is important not to translate from your language to English while speaking. This way you may make grammatical mistakes. Try to think in English as this will help you be more fluent.

9) Have a good dictionary on hand to help you find meanings.

10) Be positive and set learning goals. This is the best way to do well in English.

The ten tips in this article would help students of private schools in Canada to do well in English. Foreign students can diligently practice these tips so they improve their English and not only ace the exam but also gain proficiency.

Published by Canada Star Secondary School

Canada Star Secondary School is a co-educational, non-denominational, independent school founded in 2013, with the vision of fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for tomorrow’s global leaders. As approved by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, our high school offers the British Columbia Grade 8-12 curriculum.

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